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Needing to be liked is a symptom of a deeper issue - conflict aversion.

This affects everything you do as a leader.

How would you know if you, or your people, had a problem with this?

Overcoming it is key to any successful leader’s career.

On today’s show, we’re looking at why letting go of the need to be liked is critical for your success as a leader. I love talking about this, because it's so closely tied to one of my favourite career killers; the inability to handle conflict.

In this episode we'll cover:

  • The mantra you HAVE to use if you're going to help yourself move from likeable leader, to respected leader

  • Why wanting to be liked cannot be the goal of a leader

  • Why developing yourself to handle conflict is essential to your leadership success

  • How to recognise the symptoms of conflict aversion in yourself and others (it's much easier to see in others, but what about when you turn the microscope on yourself!)

  • My key strategies for getting over the need to be liked

  • My daily reflection discipline that will enable you to put the theory into action (you can download these key questions below to keep yourself on track)

I’d love to know how you go using the daily reflections discipline, and whether this has struck a chord with you in your leadership journey. Head over to my LinkedIn page and send me a message. I'd love to hear from you!

Read the Episode 1 transcript here.