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Building the best team you possibly can is a prerequisite to delivering the results that will make you a successful leader. It begins with the hard yards of capability building that we spoke about in episode two ‘Building a High Performing Team’; there's also the need to attract and retain the best talent into your organisation, and you're in competition for that talent with other similar organisations.

So in this episode, I’m going to focus on the fact that we all want to hire the best people, but sometimes this is easier said than done, and our industries and our companies have their natural limitations. I’m going to pull apart how we attract and retain the best talent we can by covering the below:

  • Some of the macro-factors in your organisation that make hiring the best people a little more challenging 

  • Who the best employers are and why, with some help from a Business Insider article on The 50 best places to work in 2018, according to employees

  • A great perspective from Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg, an example of how he sets the expectations for employees so that they know what to expect before joining the company

  • The three firms that are renowned for attracting and retaining the best talent, and the similarities between them - this is a good indicator of what works 

  • What we can do to give ourselves the best chance we can of hiring the best people 

  • How to attract talent by being able to articulate an organisations benefits to prospective employees (hint: this is a process that you can start to implement in your organisation TODAY)

  • My very easy to follow seven ideas for attracting and retaining the best possible talent which you can download below

Now, I know that a lot of you listening to this podcast don't have the ability to influence the recruitment and retention cycle in your organisation. But if you don't, I think this presents a great opportunity for you to show some leadership from below, and to take this up the line and say, “Hey, I've got some ideas for how we can get better people into our organisation and into our business.” 

I challenge you to try that this week, and do something that's gonna set you apart as a leader of the future.

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I know you'll take every opportunity you can this week to be a No Bullsh!t Leader.