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I’ve got to say, we get some seriously great listener questions every week! When we started the podcast we were coming up with our own topics, and now we get so many questions, that we get to make what you guys want and need to hear - which was our ultimate goal of the podcast from day one!

The question I'm answering today is no different, in fact we liked it so much we moved this episode up the priority order as I suspect this is something that happens far more frequently than we might imagine. Listener James asked:

"In a recent leadership transition from individual contributor to management, I was tasked with delivering tasks above my competency and was under supported in acquiring these skills, resulting in damage to my career brand. When acting in a new level, how do you ensure a safe learning approach and don't damage your reputation?”

A cracking question James, and first of all I want you to know - you’re not alone! I’m going to answer this question by covering the below:

  • My own experience of none of my bosses EVER having a conversation with me about the differences I was about to face in a new level

  • The issue with most of the cookie cutter training many organisations have their leaders complete

  • A great analogy from Monty Python demonstrating the gap between most leadership education and the actual practicality and implementation of these skills (I’m a big Monty Python fan!)

  • The five key generic skills that I believe are needed at any level if you want to be a good leader

  • Why your boss can’t be your mentor, and what to look for in one

  • And finally, how to take control of your own career development destiny - I’ve put these all in an easy to download free PDF which you can download below, called Five Tips for Taking Control of Your Own Development

Now I’m going to make a pretty educated guess and say that because you’re listening to this podcast, you’re already going down the self development path, however I hope this gives you clarity on what you need to focus on, and how to move yourself forward, even if you’ve been stranded by your boss!

As always, I’d love to know what you thought of this episode, so send me any of your feedback to

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