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As the New Year's hangover subsides, we need to start thinking about what we're going to make happen in 2019, and it is absolutely up to us to make it happen. For ourselves, for our team and for our organisations.

So in today’s episode, the first of the year, I’m going to start by talking about why New Year's resolutions don't work - so I hope you made all those yesterday, because today's the 2nd, you can forget about those and move on!

From there, I’ll cover:

  • Why having a great year is all about setting up better habits - I’ll give you some examples of the habits I practice in my life

  • Why paying attention to what you’re doing, is going to make the difference between reaching your goals, and not

  • Some questions to help you reflect on where you’re going, both long term and short term

  • A technique that I use with senior leaders that is extremely powerful in working out what these goals are (this is the gold of this episode, and you’ll want to spend some time on this before you head back to work!)

  • Why modelling what it looks like to take personal accountability for your growth as a leader is so important

  • How you can hold yourself to account and actually achieve the things you have committed to for 2019

  • The free downloadable for this week is the Five Steps for Setting Yourself up for Success in 2019, which you can download below - I encourage you to download this and spend an hour or two with a pen and paper, working through these questions and getting your plan really clear, so that you can deliver on it throughout the year

I also talk about Leadership Beyond the Theory, our 7-week online leadership program that is kicking off in February. If you know that 2019 is your year to accelerate your leadership skills and become a leader who stands out from the pack, I strongly recommend getting on the waitlist for the program. We’re only taking limited entries for the February cohort, and it won’t open again until July, so head to to work out if it’s a good fit for you.

I am really looking forward to 2019. It's going to be an incredible year. I'm going to be riding shotgun with you on your journey all the way through. Em and I will continue to release a podcast episode every Wednesday morning, and we're going to continue to deal with the issues that we think are most going to be able to improve your leadership performance - with some help from your fantastic listener questions of course!

As always, if you're enjoying this podcast series, please share it with your leadership network, because we want to reach as many leaders as possible, and help them through their leadership journey.

I’d love to know what you though of the tips and strategies that I covered in this episode, and if you’ve got any strategies of your own that you use in the new year to get yourself on track for success! Shoot me an email with your feedback at