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It’s no secret that any number of things can sub-optimise execution inside an organisation. One of the most insidious, in my experience, is a weak accountability culture. So whereas lack of strategy, planning, and resourcing are relatively obvious, a weak accountability model is not always apparent to senior management and this will work against virtually anything you're trying to achieve.

So in today’s episode, 'Execution for Results: Driving accountability in your team’, we're going to kick off by talking about what a weak accountability culture looks like, because if you can’t recognise it, you can’t fix it. I’ll then go on to cover:

  • Management vs leadership - what I really think about these two concepts and how they fit together

  • The key issues you’ll come across if you have a weak accountability culture - hopefully there are some lightbulb moments for you here

  • What drives this weak accountability culture? The 5 key drivers that I talk through will likely give you something to reflect upon when you look at your own organisations culture 

  • My experience of having to turn around CS Energy’s culture from weak accountability, to full accountability - one of the toughest things I had to overcome as CEO 

  • The principle of one head to pat, one ass to kick

  • The six ways to get superior execution through setting up the right accountabilities inside your organisation - these are GOLD so make sure you download the free PDF ‘Six Steps to Creating a Strong Accountability Culture' below where I summarise all of these points for you - even if you don’t listen to the whole episode, I strongly encourage you to download this and use it as a framework in your business

This episode is pretty meaty, but if you commit to reflecting on and evaluating you team, your organisation, or even your own personal behaviour in light of these points, you will be so much closer to driving exceptional results through team accountability. 

I feel so strongly about this being a success driver for leaders, that I dedicate an entire module of Leadership Beyond the Theory to it. In ‘Module 6: Drive Accountability’, I spend 5 lessons talking through all the strategies and techniques I use to create a really strong accountability culture, jam packed with real world examples from my own experiences. I highlight the struggles just as much as the successes, so that you can really get a 360 degree view of what it takes to drive accountability successfully in your organisation as an exceptional leader.  

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