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If you want to be successful as a senior leader, you first have to build a team of successful individuals.

A key part of this is recognising when someone is not going to be successful in their current role, and freeing them up to be successful in another organisation.

From there, it’s all about culture and team dynamics.

So many people say that they have built a 'high performing team' - but how many high performing teams have you actually seen, or been part of?

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What is a high performing team, and how can you recognise if you have one?

  • World class wisdom from champion athlete Benita Willis

  • The seven characteristics of high performing teams (you can download this checklist below and rate your own team)

  • How to look at the individuals in your team and work out whether they should be on, or off the bus (a la Jim Collins!)

  • Some of the excuses and rationalisations you may come up with to avoid dealing with individuals who are not up to scratch, that are preventing you from creating a high performing team

  • A cautionary tale about how tough it was to create a high performing team at CS Energy

If this episode strikes a chord with you, download the high performing team checklist below, and rate your team honestly. This will help you see your biggest opportunities for improvement! 

I’d love to know how you go with the checklist, so if it’s useful, head over to my LinkedIn page and send me a direct message. 

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