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There are so many factors to making great decisions. Some of these factors are technical and analytical, but many are based on your leadership skill. In today’s episode, we deal with the fundamental question of how to get the most from your people, to enhance and improve your decision making capability.

I start this episode by asking the question, ‘Why all the fuss about diversity and inclusion?’ From there I go on to cover:

  • How great leaders set an appropriate decision making culture

  • Why it is so important to foster a culture where robust challenge is the norm

  • Some key questions that will help you to reflect on your behaviour when faced with robust challenge

  • The five ways to drive better decisions through your people - these are simple but powerful, and will make a huge difference to the quality of your team’s decisions if you have the patience and will to implement them

  • What I believe the ‘perfect template’ for great decision making looks like

  • Three 'traps for young players' that I see many leaders unwittingly fall into - there’s no reason to fall foul of these once you’re aware of them, so make sure you write these ones down and check in with yourself every now and then

There are so many great gems in this episode! Most of the strategies I talk through require you to step outside your comfort zone and reflect honestly on your behaviour, but if you can do this, you’ll be able to create a culture of confidence and speed in decision making.

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