Winning without self interest

Everyone is driven by self-interest. It is an intrinsic part of the human DNA, so we can never overcome it entirely.

However, we can learn to put self-interest aside for the greater good which, ironically, often results in better long term outcomes for us as individuals. This episode explores how we can fight our basic instincts with long term vision and belief.

I have centred this episode on an incredible true story of how putting self-interest aside and focusing on the ‘greater good’ has resulted in one of the most incredible long term outcomes that any individual could hope for (but no spoilers yet as to what this is).

The benefits of being able to put self-interest aside are many, and if you can manage to overcome this natural human instinct, the return over time is incalculable.

I’ll give you my practical recipe for reframing any situation to enable a long term view that not only serves you best, but that other people will be drawn to!

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