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If you want your organisation to deliver outstanding results, as a leader you must adopt a mantra of “excellence over perfection”.

In this episode we uncover why perfectionism can be debilitating for an organisation, and how your people will respond to the goal of delivering excellence.

Many of you would be familiar with the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule). However, no matter how much we believe it, driving a culture of excellence through your organisation can be difficult. In the context of increasingly high expectations from customers, boards, shareholders, investors, and executive teams, many leaders are overcome with a quest for perfect outcomes, preventing their people from producing the excellent work that moves an organisation forward.

This is one of our favourite topics, because it can almost immediately lift the results that your organisation is able to achieve, even without changing anything else! Today we’ll cover:

  • How does perfectionism work against you personally, and simultaneously demotivate your team?

  • Why do some people intuitively choose perfection over excellence? Hint: Most of these are subconscious choices but make so much sense when you’re aware of them

  • A lesson that Zoolander can teach us about perfectionism

  • The 5 benefits of developing a culture of excellence over perfection (these will get your head around how it will make your team work significantly better overall)

  • A story from my own experience of being a perfectionist without even realising it, and the negative effect this had on my team

  • The 6 key strategies that you can implement TODAY to engender a culture of excellence - these are available to download below

I hope this episode gives you some great tips on how to create a culture of excellence over perfection in your team, or at the very least, provoke some self reflection on the impact your pursuit of perfection has on your team’s output and attitude.

I strongly encourage you to download the worksheet and pick a few of your favourite points to implement with your team immediately.

I’d love to know how you go with this, so as always, if you’ve found this useful, head over to my LinkedIn page and send me a direct message. 

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