Now that you are getting a flavour for my style, and the type of things I focus on, this episode gives us an opportunity to step back and ask the questions about what leadership is, at its core, and what it would mean to be an exceptional leader. This is just a baseline, as we will have a range of other episodes, to deal with subjects like:

  • The differences between Leadership and Management;

  • The attributes of great leaders; and 

  • Quite a few episodes on traps for young players

In today’s episode, we’re going to cover a few key concepts that I think every leader needs to know, regardless of how new or experienced a leader you are. I’ll talk through: 

  • How to pick a leader who will grow

  • Why leadership is a privilege, and a brief story on how I learned not to be an arrogant leader

  • What the ultimate goal should be for a leader, and what happens when poor culture and weak leaders are allowed to thrive

  • Why creating the right environment for people is critical (not the touchy-feely stuff, the useful stuff)

  • My six daily focus areas for leaders (there is some serious gold in here, so make sure you download the free PDF cheat sheet below and refer to these as much as possible while you’re leading your people to greatness)

This episode was created to give you a baseline for how to look at the leadership challenge. Save the cheat sheet to your desktop and refer to it when things get tough - it will help you look at the bigger picture and not get bogged down in the details.

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