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To be an outstanding leader, you need to understand power; what it is, and how to use it. Knowing what the different types of power are, and having awareness of what power you are using when, is fundamental to building a high performing team, that delivers discretionary effort for its leader. 

We all exercise different types of power each day in our relationships with others, so we’re going to start this episode by exploring what the different types of power actually are.

We’ll then cover:

  • What power looks like at its worst (when leaders abuse their power)

  • We'll discuss how the different types of power affect both us and our people

  • Some rules of thumb for exercising the different types of power as a leader in your organisation (these are available to download for reference below)

This episode takes some great research theory, and provides a practical roadmap for leaders to use. There are some hidden gems in there that will really help you evaluate the type of power you use with your people to get the job done. Challenge yourself this week and see if you can consciously use the influence of referent power instead of another type, to achieve results. 

I’d love to know how effective you find the different types of power to get the results you’re after, so please head over to my LinkedIn page and send me a direct message or send me an email