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There is a common misconception, which has been perpetuated by recent academic research, that happy workers are productive workers. This has changed things somewhat in terms of work perks over the past decade - think ping pong tables, 4 day work weeks and free Friday afternoon wine & cheese. 

In this episode, I examine the factors that drive workforce productivity, and how your role as a leader influences this. I talk through the following concepts:

  • Sometimes happy workers are just happy workers, nothing more!

  • Which comes first, happiness, or productivity?

  • Why being a permissive leader builds people who are neither happy nor productive

  • Why challenging, coaching, and confronting is the path to helping people to be both happy and productive

  • I’ll give you my four ways to make happy workers productive - these are gold so take notes!  

I hope that after listening to this, you understand that unhappy workers will never deliver for you, but many happy workers won't either. As a leader, you need to help your people to be successful in a way that grows their self-esteem and confidence, and that's the right kind of happy. 

If you're afraid of challenging, coaching, and confronting, you can never help your people to achieve this and your team will be less than it should be! 

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