Leadership Development intensive

Creating high performance leadership teams

What if you had a guaranteed way to lift the capability, confidence and performance of your leadership team?

Creating a high performance leadership team doesn’t need to be a slow, arduous process.

It takes a practical, direct intervention that is light on theory, and rich with the tried and tested tools that have been proven to make a difference, quickly.

We have created a high intensity intervention, which runs across a two month time span and guarantees you not only a stronger, higher performing team upon completion, but a significant increase in the confidence and capability of your organisation’s leaders.

Our Leadership Development Intensive is based upon a targeted program of foundational education and action learning opportunities that we believe successfully balances cost effectiveness with maximum impact.

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“Marty was able to get us to open up as a team, share experiences and admit to our weaknesses. It improved our ability to be honest with one another, and I feel that the program has made us stronger as a senior management group.

Now we challenge one another to ask ‘What would Marty do’?

Invest in yourself and your team, it will be money well spent. This was the best leadership program I have ever participated in.”
— Antonia Mercorella, CEO of Real Estate Institute of Queensland

the intensive (in brief)


All the foundational leadership principles and concepts are delivered through an online training program (Leadership Beyond the Theory), dedicated to your organisation to create a common language and culture


Each week, your team will engage in a face to face action learning session with Marty to put the leadership lessons into your orgnisation’s context, focusing on the most critical areas of development


Marty will work one-on-one with the lead executive (eg. CEO, divisional head, GM) on the decision making, execution, and culture change dilemmas that will invariably arise during the course of the program

“Marty was able to provide our team with thought-provoking ideas that really challenged us all on how we lead others effectively, and where our own leadership gaps lie.”
— Colin Cassell, Head Of Security at Suncorp Group

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Leadership development and education is an incredibly crowded market, bursting with self-appointed leadership experts. The vast majority of these experts are professional consultants, trainers, academics, and ‘executives between roles’.

Although there is a place in the market for all of these providers and services, Your CEO Mentor brings something unique.

Marty Moore has rare capability, born from a combination of the highest quality leadership and business education, blended with senior executive experience across a range of industries, companies, and functional disciplines. 

He delivered a stunning turnaround of an underperforming industrial business in a complex and highly-charged industry, with a heavily unionised workforce – a feat that not many CEOs ever accomplish.

It is this experience that enables him to cut through the ‘noise’, the conventional wisdom, and the leadership platitudes to deliver real, practical leadership techniques that work.

The goal of any leader is, first and foremost, to create value. Marty’s intellectual property helps organisations that are serious about performance improvement to unlock the latent potential of their people.

Although there is no shortage of sensible – but, somehow, strangely intangible - theory on leadership, Marty delivers the ‘how to’, in the form of simple but powerful techniques.

The mantra of high performance organisations is:


“Marty’s extensive C-level experience helped to pull back the iron curtain on the inner workings of the executive team and the board. This insight was not company lines but real, no BS insight into how senior people work with each other. These insights significantly accelerated my career by knowing how to deftly navigate extremely complex situations.”
— Seth Rodgers, General Manager Strategic Projects
“Martin picks up where the theory and models of my MBA left off by providing the context, real life examples and tailored strategies to deal with the decision or issue at hand.”
— Gavin Brady, Executive General Manager
“The program is incredibly relevant and easily adaptable into all businesses. The hands-on takeaways are great and I can use the information from the day that I hear it. I love that I can go back and listen to it, and that there are the worksheets as well to confirm, and reconfirm what I am learning.”
— Fiona Maraca, Membership & Products Manager
“What really resonated with me was the fact that Marty has been in the trenches as a CEO. There are plenty of books and programs written by people who are just full of theory but they’ve never actually practiced this job and they don’t have real world experience.”
— Radu Leonte, Director
“If you want a tactical value return, put a handful of your leaders through Leadership Beyond the Theory. But I can guarantee you, if you were able to institutionalise the program, you would create a highly constructive culture, which would deliver immense value to any organisation.”
— Danny Hovey, High Performance Culture and Leadership Professional
“What I found most valuable was being able to download Marty’s brain and listen to his inner workings as a successful CEO - I mean when would you ever get hours and hours of access to someone of his level & credibility teaching you their leadership secrets?”
— Jane Frank, Manager of Stakeholder Engagement


We want to make sure that this program is a good fit for you and your organisation, so please get in touch if you would like to chat further about working with Marty!

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