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Marty and I are so grateful to have such a brilliant community of knowledgeable, switched on, successful, no bullsh!t leaders listening to this podcast, and we think it’s important to celebrate you!

Instead of doing what a lot of podcasters do and read out iTunes reviews, we want to turn the microphone over to YOU!

We want you to share your best leadership tips - whether you’ve learned it from our podcast or from your own experience in the trenches. Anything that has helped you in your leadership journey, we want to hear it! 

So this is how it goes:

  1. Decide on what your tip is (some thought starters are below)

  2. Voice record it from your computer or phone via the SpeakPipe link that says ‘Start Recording’ (try and keep it somewhere between 30-120 seconds)

  3. Listen to your tip to make sure you're happy with it

  4. Click ‘Send’ and it will come straight to my inbox

It won't take you any more than 5 minutes but it may make a huge difference to one of our listeners. 

Now you don’t have to say your full name or where you work, but some context would be nice. For example:

“Hi guys, I’m Em from Sydney and I work in leadership education. The best piece of advice I was ever given as a leader was to…”

Some thought starters:

  • My No Bullsh!t Tip is…

  • The most valuable thing I’ve learned from this podcast is…

  • The thing I wish I knew as an early leader is…

  • One thing they never tell you about leadership is…

  • The best piece of advice I was ever given as a leader was…