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Back by popular demand, this week we're going to do another Q&A episode! It’s likely that you’re winding down as the holiday period approaches, and we've had so many good questions from listeners that there's a few more we need to deal with before the year ends.

To help me with this Q&A segment, Em has joined me again. Each of these questions could be an episode in its own right, but hopefully we’ve covered them thoroughly enough for you to take action on some of these issues, immediately if need be.

So in this episode, Em and I discuss three listener questions:

  1. People shares: "I was intrigued by the people share concept. We always do a safety share, but I haven't heard of too many other teams doing a people share, and would love to hear more on it."  (this one is up first)

  2. Egotistical bosses: "For an aspiring leader in an organisation where the leader above them is self-indulgent and egotistical it can be really difficult to reach their full potential as the competent, capable leader that they are. It's difficult to manage up with this type of leaders. The types who promote a 'Those below me should do everything for me,' culture, and only want to see green on the dashboard because anything less makes them look bad. The good leaders end up frustrated, and either eventually complying for a short amount of time, or just leaving. Either one robs the organisation. So what would you suggest someone in this situation do? How should these aspiring leaders realise opportunities, and provide value with an egotistical boss in the way?" (skip to 7 minutes 30 seconds in)

  3. Office politics: “With politics in the workplace, how do you stay aware, and not involved? (skip to 14 minutes 10 seconds in)

We’d love to know what you thought of the topics we covered in this episode, and if you’ve got any strategies of your own that you use or have used to combat these issues! Please email us with your feedback and tips at

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