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This week we cover a great question from our listener James about how to motivate people when the shine of consecutive pay rises and bonuses either wears off, or becomes unaffordable.

This has led us to put together the definitive ‘how to’ guide for leaders on making remuneration decisions, and it is relevant for any size of organisation, from a ‘woman, a man and a dog in a garage’-style start up to a Fortune 500 company.

Although remuneration policy is the domain of HR, accountability for understanding remuneration structures and making smart pay decisions sits squarely with leaders.

This episode combines remuneration theory and leadership skill, providing a holistic guide that will help leaders to negotiate pay matters with clarity and confidence.

Download the free comprehensive ‘Remuneration Guide for Leaders’ that we’ve put together for you below and keep it on hand for any time you need to make a decision about paying people!