There is no substitute for one on one mentoring when looking to accelerate your leadership development. 

Having direct access to Marty will enable you to implement highly successful and proven leadership strategies to enhance your performance (and confidence) in real time.

There are two distinct types of engagement that Marty will potentially recommend, depending on your individual circumstances:

1. Three-month intensive

Marty’s preferred way of working to drive maximum results is a high intensity engagement that unlocks your leadership potential. 

This is achieved by first closely examining your strengths, experience, capability, and career goals, and then working to implement the changes that will drive the highest value for you, immediately.

2. Flexible mentoring

Delivered on a time and materials basis, you can use as much or as little of Marty’s time as necessary over a longer period (usually six months).

A ‘retainer’ structure will be put in place to secure Marty’s availability, and the format and nature of interactions can be determined based upon your individual needs (location, role context, criticality etc).   

With all mentoring engagements, you will also receive lifetime access to Leadership Beyond the Theory, Marty’s online integrated leadership system. This content delivers a practical foundation based upon Marty’s intellectual property, and will unlock the key elements of ‘real world’ leadership success.

The Approach

We are confident that there is nothing that compares to a one-on-one mentoring engagement with Marty. Although there is no shortage of coaches in the market, we’ve not been able to identify anyone with equivalent real world experience as a CEO, who has also delivered superior results in a major organisation.

This unique experience enables Marty to combine a potent mix of coaching, mentoring, and management consulting to deliver an accelerated leadership development experience that is unparalleled.

Marty has the experience and judgement to know when to employ these three elements to best effect:

  1. Coaching: Helping to draw out your existing knowledge, capability, and expertise

  2. Mentoring: Imparting fresh perspectives, practical wisdom, and alternative experiences

  3. Management Consulting: Advising on business and competitive strategy, commercial issues, and the inevitable leadership dilemmas that arise in organisations experiencing rapid change (like having a McKinsey partner on your shoulder)

“Martin picks up where the theory and models of my MBA left off by providing the context, real life examples and tailored coaching to deal with the decision or issue at hand.

He has been extremely valuable in helping me improve my decision making and being ever more comfortable in the senior corporate environment.”
— Gavin Brady, Executive General Manager

Martin Moore consulting


From university drop out to CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, Marty forged a successful 30+ year career working for a range of blue-chip companies across multiple industries. He demonstrated career agility before it was trendy, holding senior executive roles in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and IT.

Best known as the CEO who turned around CS Energy, he led his team to implement sustainable culture change, driving earnings growth from $18m to $441m, a compound annual growth rate of 125%.

Marty is now pursuing his true purpose; to improve the quality of leaders globally. A strong believer in the adage that “leadership drives culture; culture drives performance", Marty is committed to helping organisations deliver real value uplift through improving leadership capability, and unlocking the latent potential of the workforce.

A life-long learner with insatiable curiosity, Marty holds an MBA from the QUT Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.


We want to make sure that you and Marty are a good fit, so if you’re interested in finding out more about the application process for one-on-one mentoring, please get in touch!

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