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This week's episode is a de facto part 2 of episode 19 Execution for Results, so if you haven’t listened to that one yet I highly recommend doing it before you get stuck into this one!

It focuses on how single point accountability is the most critical factor in being able to successfully execute on your plans, and sets the ground work for where we’re going today with Unleashing the Power of your People.

This episode is all about empowerment, which is the flip side of the accountability coin. Accountability and empowerment should be inseparable, but often leaders don't understand that. Let's face it, execution is tough, but there are a few secrets that aren't often spoken about.

So, I’m going to unpack those today!

In this episode I start with a quick flyover the top of what accountability is as a refresher, and then I’ll cover the following:

  • Why culture matters so much, and why a bad culture is inextricably linked to weak accountability leaders

  • Why crystal clear accountability is the key to successful execution

  • What I believe the key elements are that need to be entrenched in the DNA of a high performance culture

  • I’ll then go through my Nine Ways to Empower and Support Your People which you can download for free below - these are worth printing off and keeping handy so that you can refer to them as often as you need

This episode should create at least one ‘pie in the face’ moment for you (a lightbulb moment!), but I’m pretty confident that you’ll get more than one.

You can use this episode and these nine ways to first evaluate your team and what you practice as a leader, and then rank which of these elements you should start implementing in order of where you believe the most value will come from.

I would love to hear what you thought of this episode, and whether it enabled you to see your culture and team in a different light, so please send me your feedback at