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This week, Em and I take on a few great questions that appear to keep coming up regularly for our listeners!

The first question we tackle is from Sam, who wants to know how to build credibility quickly in a team he has inherited. (1:40)

Secondly, we answer Blake’s question which is quite a complex one. He wants to know how to deal with those people in his team who really struggle with change, and how to work out when it’s right to just keep moving forward with the change, even when people are anxious or resistant to it. (7:30)

We end with Laura’s question about using informal communication channels and cliques to communicate and incite change. (12:55)

If you’ve got a question that you’d like us to cover in the podcast, email it through to us at, we’d love to hear from you!

We also mention the High Performing Team checklist in the episode, which you can download below. We also mention Episode 46 The People Who Built The House Can’t Renovate It which you can listen to here.

Read the transcript for Episode 48 here.