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Many of you will have heard of “The Peter Principle”; the concept that every employee in a hierarchy rises to their level of incompetence. If you believe this, then anyone who has been in the same role for an extended period of time is, by definition, incompetent.

We look at the Peter Principle, take a recent perspective from The Economist called “Bartleby’s Curse”, and blend it all with Elliott Jaques’ stratum theory, to arrive at a “No Bullsh!t Leadership” view of career ambition and organisational progression.

How do you beat the Peter Principle so that you build a career that challenges and satisfies you, without experiencing the deep dissatisfaction that comes when you spend a lifetime heading towards the wrong goals?

In this episode I also recommend that you listen to Episode 7 Working At The Right Level: What got you to here won’t get you to there

Read the transcript for Episode 50 here.


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