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This week is Part Two of The Roadmap to Exceptional Leadership!

I've taken my 30+ years of practical leadership experience, a LOT of trial and error and lessons from some incredible mentors, and have distilled these learnings into a model, my 'secret sauce'; the 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance, and this is what today’s episode is all about!

These 7 pillars are designed to unlock the real, practical strategies and focus areas that we believe will make or break your leadership journey. These are the things that, in my experience, differentiate leaders from the incompetent, through the mediocre, to the great.

In this episode I talk through the 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance in detail, covering why I believe they are so important, and what you can do to develop yourself in each of the below pillars:

  1. Deliver Value

    This is the object of the exercise and this is where it all begins and ends for a leader, with a value creation

  2. Handle Conflict

    Conflict aversion is one of the biggest career killers and it will basically dilute your effectiveness in pretty much everything you do as a leader

  3. Build Resilience

    As we know, anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. You don't find out what a leader is made of until they're put under pressure and many leaders fold

  4. Work at Level

    It's so common to see leaders through all levels of an organisation working at the wrong level, sub-optimising their performance and effectively crippling their people

  5. Master Ambiguity

    One of the foremost jobs of a leader is to sit comfortably in ambiguity and to translate that into certainty of direction and action for their people

  6. Drive Accountability

    If you want your people to execute well, nothing enables this more than clear, well-defined, single point accountabilities.

  7. Make Great Decisions

    Leaders get paid the dizzy dollars to make hard calls and being a leader who can make timely, well-informed decisions, will put your team and organisation in a winning position.

Together these 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance are what make up our online leadership program, Leadership Beyond the Theory, and hopefully you can see after this episode why that is!

Enrolment for the program closes tomorrow, but we’ll be opening doors again in June for a mid-year cohort!

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