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This episode is going to be just a little different to our normal format! We've had a lot of really great feedback on the podcast and quite a few questions from listeners who either want us to do deep dives or look into a specific issue that they're having. I thought we'd turn this into a Q&A episode, where I can answer a couple of these questions for you.

We love getting feedback from you, so if there's something that has come up for you this week or anything that you'd like some advice on, let us know and we'll record an episode on it for you.

To help me with this Q&A segment, so that I wasn’t asking myself the questions, our producer and the other half of Your CEO Mentor, Em, joined me.

In this episode, we discuss two questions:

  1. How do you maintain your mojo at the top? What are some tips and techniques for coping with an overwhelming workload, having multiple, often conflicting issues in a day, etc.? (this one is up first)

  2. How do I give feedback to my boss? (skip to 10 minutes in)

We’ll cover a bunch of easy to implement tips and strategies that address the above questions and to make life even easier for you, we’ve put them in a PDF for you to download below! That way you can keep them on hand to reference later when you are stuck in a rut or need to have a tough talk with your boss.

We’d love to know what you thought of the format of this episode, and if you’d like us to answer any of your questions, so please email us at, and we’ll either reply with an answer to work it into one of the upcoming episodes!