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In this Boxing Day episode, we’re doing things a bit differently! Em is back on the show, and we are going to talk through our five favourite episode of 2018. We released 16 episodes this year, and we might be biased, but we think there's some incredible leadership content there.

This week, we’re going to point out the five episodes that we think you should either listen to for the first time, or if you've heard them before, go back and review. Hopefully, if you're in Australia, you're lying around the pool relaxing! If you're in the US or the UK, you'll hopefully be sitting around a fire with a cracking Shiraz. Either way, take some time out over the next few days and review these episodes so that you can ready yourself and reset for the new year.

Em and I will talk through the key points of each episode, and why we think they take the cake! The episodes we cover are: 

Episode #3 Excellence Over Perfection: Laying the foundations for successful execution

Episode #6 The Psychology of Feedback: Stop avoiding leadership work 

Episode #7 Working at the Right Level: What got you to here won’t get you to there

Episode #2 Building a High Performing Team: Weak team = poor results 

Episode #8 Are Happy Workers Productive Workers? What really drives your people 

I hope you get a chance to go through some of these over the holiday break. They'll hold you in really good stead for the new year. If you want to download the free resources attached to each of these episodes, just go to the episode page (eg. episode #3’s page is www.yourceomentor.com/episode3) or click the links above.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who's listened and supported us this year, we absolutely love making this podcast. Our purpose is to improve the quality of leaders globally and this podcast is just one step in making that happen.

If you liked any of these episodes, the best Christmas gift you can give us is rating, reviewing and subscribing to the podcast - and sharing them with a leader who you think would benefit from them! You might completely change someone's career.

What was YOUR favourite episode of 2018? We’d love to hear from you, so shoot us an email at hello@yourceomentor.com

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